Company Profile

Company Profile

Sri Ranga Tours & Travels was  introduced to the world in September 9th 1993 as an operator operating pilgrimage tour to various parts of South India. Now Sri Ranga Tours and Travels has grown into a full fledged tour operator.We will arrange pilgrimage tours for Divya Desam's which is in South India.

Mr. R. Souriraajen is the soul proprietor of Sri Ranga Tours and Travels.
Our packages are finely tuned to meet the interests of all type of travelers that make it possible for us to offer a truly one-of-a-kind travel experience. We provide travelers with special and personal attention

Our Philosophy : 

'Pro'active … A dynamic approach to clientele servicing
'Pro'bing … Constantly in search of fresh ideas
'Pro'blem … Solvers
'Pro'cessing … Ideas
'Pro'cess … Planning, Pricing and Customer Service Quality Control
'Pro'dding … Constantly pushing hotels and sub agents to provide perfect services
'Pro'digious … Stupendous in destination consumer services
'Pro'ducer … Of new products and services
'Pro'ductive … In our Company outlook
'Pro'fessional … in Destination knowledge and Customer Services
'Pro'fessionalism … In Consumer Servicing
'Pro'ficient … In Analysis, Planning and Control of itineraries and Customer Services
'Pro'found … Destination Knowledge, Research and Creativity
'Pro'gressive … Always looking and planning ahead
'Pro'minent … High profile with Guides, Hoteliers & Regional Ground Handling Collaborators
'Pro'mise … To always Deliver Maximum consumer Satisfaction
'Pro'mpt … With replies and information flow to Overseas Collaborators
'Pro'pulsive … Propulse the Reputation of Overseas Collaborators on their respective Markets 
Pro'spect … Continuous Prospection of new products and ideas
'Pro'tect … The Interests of our overseas Collaborators
'Pro'wess … In our Abilities to achieve Maximum Consumer Satisfaction


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